First AML




First AML, a company that provides anti-money laundering solutions, wanted to have branded staff tees that would reflect its values of doing things right. The company was looking for a low impact and hassle-free solution, so they can spend more time ensuring your business is performing at its peak.


How we helped

Working closely with First AML, we crafted 3D mockups and explored diverse fabric options. Our final choice was certified organic cotton, a decision rooted in our commitment to ethical sourcing. We simplified the ordering process, delivering a seamless experience. Upholding a delicate balance, we provided competitive pricing while upholding the quality, ensuring that First AML's investment in ethical apparel was straightforward and value-driven.



First AML proudly outfitted their team in t-shirts that reflected their values and sparked conversations about ethical choices. They saved valuable time and resources while making a positive environmental impact.

"Being an organisation that cares about doing things right we found working with LUCKE great. When we wanted to do First AML branded staff tees, they provided us a low impact and sharp looking solution, at a competitive price."

Milan Cooper: CEO



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